Staci Stoffer, PT, DPT, OCS

Staci Stoffer, PT, DPT

Staci completed her Master’s in Physical Therapy at Upstate Medical University in 2006 and returned to achieve her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010. She has spent all her time in outpatient orthopedics and has provided services to clients of all ages and activity levels in both private practice and hospital-based settings. Throughout her career, Staci has worked in conjunction with Crossfit boxes, triathlete clubs, MMA gyms, and school-based sports teams to ensure participants’ safe return to sport after an injury. Staci is certified in both the Functional Movement Screen and Selective Functional Movement Assessment; which are screening measures used to determine a person’s ability to move effectively and efficiently. This allows Staci to view each client as a whole, rather than just an injured body part; which leads to more comprehensive care. Staci has also participated in continuing education in rehabilitation of shoulder/knee/hip injuries and clients with joint replacements, treatment of sacroiliac dysfunctions (not including pelvic floor), as well as assessment and treatment of overhead athletes, runners, and full-contact athletes. Staci prides herself on providing individualized care to all of her clients and especially enjoys working with children/adolescents and athletes of all abilities.