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"Hands down the #1 BEST physical therapy practice in Central New York. I have been going to them for several years now and trust their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to them, I've been able to recover faster from various injuries & surgeries because of their ability to pinpoint the issues and aggressively treat them. Sue, the owner, knows me so well that I can walk in and she can literally identify what's wrong and focus on the specific issue. Instead of hit or miss attempts to see what works and what doesn't (and spending a lot of money in the process) I get immediate results and am back on my feet in no time. The practice has a homey feel and everyone is so nice and helpful. I love going there. You can tell they all love what they do and they have all the cutting edge technology at their fingertips to aid in your recovery (I love the cold laser treatments!!). I've been to other practices in the past and am SO glad I found them. I won't go anywhere else. I highly recommend this practice to anyone requiring PT!!"
Sep 08, 2023
"The most knowledgeable PT’s and friendliest staff around! After several vertebrae fractures and unable to go a day without painkillers I am walking pain free and am looking forward to getting back to life! Thank you West Side!"
Jan 05, 2023
"From the minute I entered Westside I knew this would be a different experience. I’ve had PT before but was unsuccessful. I have arthritis and it is especially painful in my left knee. I thought the only solution was knee replacement. However, I met with Staci Stoffel who spent a long time assessing my problem and really LISTENED to me. She set me up with a series of exercises that have alleviated the pain and pushed back any plans for surgery. I know that these exercises are part of my daily life going forward if I want to continue to improve. I am so grateful to Staci and Tom Walser for the care they have given me. I have recommended Westside to a number of my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you!"
Jan 05, 2023
"The rehab experience from an ACL repair was tremendous. The staff is so in tune with BOTH my goal and limitations. They were able to push me just enough , avoiding setbacks, gaining strength and flexibility. I will recommend WSPT to anyone in need of rehab services. Great people with great understanding and positive attitude. I’d home them a solid 10 ! Thank you!"
Dec 12, 2021
"I am a Registered Nurse who decided to fracture her ankle on a slide in May. This was a significant injury with surgery. I was in a splint, cast and then walking boot. I started PT about a month after my injury. This was difficult for me to be dependent on everyone to help me. When I went to PT, I met Staci Stoffel who helped me along my journey to recovery. Staci and Joe were incredibly, kind, smart and really listened to my concerns. I graduated from wheelchair and walker, to one crutch and then solo. This time period felt so long, but in actuality it was a few short months. My improvement would not be as good as it is now without Staci and Joe. The office staff were very kind. The atmosphere was always welcoming and warm. They put you threw your paces for an hour each session. I could see improvement with every visit. This was a whole different healthcare experience for me, I am forever grateful for their compassion, knowledge and genuine care received. Thank you to the entire team at West Side Physical Therapy. This is a very special place for healing. "
Oct 12, 2021
"I cannot compliment Janet Murphy enough. Her knowledge, skill set, patient/therapist synergy and overall professionalism is top notch. She is brilliant in her field and at her practice. You will not be disappointed and better yet, you will be much healthier and stronger in your recovery. I highly recommend West Side Physical Therapy. "
Jan 28, 2021
"I have been a patient at Westside on off and over the past 3 years, and I love them all! All the staff is extremely knowledgeable and very upbeat. You feel like family here! They tend to your specific ailment with compassion and encouragement. You are all awesome! Thank you for everything you do."
Mar 22, 2020
"Kind, caring, professional physical therapists and staff. "
Mar 22, 2020
"To the great staff at West Side Physical Therapy....I have a great respect for your profession. The exams were thorough and all therapies established for my recovery were successful."
Oct 21, 2019
"Thank you for the most collegial group I have ever seen in operation. Your are professional, efficient, kind, considerate, full of energy and humor. I came her for PT for the first time ever (lucky me!), and have been amazed by all the different clients, ages and stages of therapy Each and everyone treated with the same friendly concern and attention. I will be happy to return if needed, and to refer friends! Thank you, sincerest regards"
Oct 21, 2019
"I’m so pleased with my experience with West Side PT! The personalized service and attention to details is evident from your first visit. You are NEVER just a number here....instead you immediately feel like you are part of a healthy family of medical professionals who help work toward the goals that YOU set for your rehab program. I hope I won’t NEED their services again soon, but if I do, I’ll look forward to my return to this facility! "
May 23, 2019


"I have been a patient at West Side several times over the last 19 years with great success. All of the staff are professional, compassionate and give wonderful care. I have referred countless friends and co-workers to them all of which were delighted with their care!"

- Mary H.

MLS laser therapy along with other therapies helped me to finally "turn the corner" in regaining range of motion after knee replacement surgery. MLS laser therapy seemed to decrease the inflammation and scar tissue that were impeding my progress. It was simple and painless.

I am grateful West Side Physical Therapy recommended this to be added to my treatment plan!

- Lisa B.