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When you buy a car, how to you decide which dealership to shop at, and ultimately which car to buy?

When you need a dentist, who dictates to you which dentist to see care from?

Obviously, the answer to theses questions, is ” I decide, of course!! ”

THEN WHY SHOULD YOU NOT CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPIST? If you have never been to Physical Therapy, or are seeking a new PT provider, your physician, nurse practitioner or physicians assistant may be able to assist you in choosing a quality facility. HOWEVER, If you have a need for physical therapy, and YOU would like to be treated at West Side Physical Therapy (maybe you have been to us before, or you have family/friends who had a positive experience and recommend our facility), THEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE where you receive your treatment.

If your physician or physician extender DEMANDS that you attend a particular physical therapy facility, inquire as to WHY they are recommending that particular facility. We find that many times your physician has a financial interest in that facility. Ultimately it is YOUR decision to make!

And for the last 20 years, we are honored to know how many patients have chosen West Side Physical Therapy for their rehabilitation needs.  THANK YOU!