Aquatic Therapy

Westside Physical & Aquatic Therapy


Our Solvay  location has a 94 degree therapy pool.

We offer ongoing, organized wellness classes (see wellness tab for additional details).

For use under physicians prescription as well as for exercise classes with physicians medical clearance. The pool temperature will remain at 90-94 degrees for comfort and in compliance with the Arthritis Association’s recommendation. Additionally, there is a whirlpool jet area for assistance with muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, etc.

With our open gym area, we have the capability to work with athletes, perform plyometrics/agility tasks, and work on balance/proprioiception.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

Upper and Lower Extremities Indications:
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• Joint Replacement
• Muscular Injuries
• Tendonitis
• Adhesive Capsulitis
• Overuse Injuries
• Ligament Reconstruction
• Stress Fractures

Spine Indications:
• Arthritis
• Postural Dysfunction
• Mechanical Back Pain
• Intervertebral Disc Disease
• Post-operative Rehabilitation
• Sprains and Strains

Multipurpose Functions:
• Stabilization via co-contraction
• Buoyancy allows for progressive
impact loading
• P.N.F. and Rhythmic Stabilization
• Plyometric activities

Locations Available at:

Solvay Location

315 Bridge Street
Syracuse, NY 13209
Phone (315) 484-9447
Fax (315) 484-4583
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