Wellness Program

 Pool and Land Based (Gym) Programs Available!


Pool wellness classes.

Our pool wellness classes are available in addition to traditional monthly gym wellness memberships for a nominal monthly fee.  Continue your rehabilitation program AFTER you have been discharged, under the supervision of the same medical professionals that helped you get back to your normal activities!



JoanneSJoanne Sitnik, Aquatics Instructor


PaulaVAPaula Verel, Aquatics Instructor

                                                        Christine McMahon, Aquatics Instructor

                                                                    Cindy Ferguson, Aquatics Instructor

This equipment, similar to the popular Nautilus equipment, is used to condition larger muscle groups. The goal of using these type machines is to restore strength to muscle groups that are required to function pain free. We use this equipment to assist patients with personal goals like returning to sports, work, and functional daily activities.

We use both hand weights and cuff weights for specific muscle group strengthening in a slow, controlled manner. The goal of this level weight training is usually to progress to Hoist machinery.


Elliptical cardiovascular unit for low impact, closed-chain conditioning that limits stress on joints, while strengthening and conditioning lower extremities.

LANDIS: Treadmill for controlled gait training and general conditioning.

Used for general conditioning and as a range of motion exercise for a wide variety of conditions.

Benefits of A Wellness Program:

Upper and Lower Extremities Indications(NEED):
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• Joint Replacement
• Muscular Injuries
• Tendonitis
• Adhesive Capsulitis
• Overuse Injuries
• Ligament Reconstruction
• Stress Fractures

Spine Indications(NEED):
• Arthritis
• Postural Dysfunction
• Mechanical Back Pain
• Intervertebral Disc Disease
• Post-operative Rehabilitation
• Sprains and Strains

Multipurpose Functions(NEED):
• Stabilization via co-contraction
• Buoyancy allows for progressive
impact loading
• P.N.F. and Rhythmic Stabilization
• Plyometric activities

Locations Available at:

Solvay Location

315 Bridge Street
Syracuse, NY 13209
Phone (315) 484-9447
Fax (315) 484-4583
Email Solvay

DeWitt Location

5760 Commons Park Dr.
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone (315) 251-0040
Fax (315) 251-0411
Email DeWitt

Clay Location

8100 Oswego Road
Liverpool, NY 13090
Phone (315) 622-3330
Fax (315) 622-3857
Email Clay